Why you should choose FoodTiger

Admin dashboards and statistics

Admin panel comes with a powerful system to manage the configuration and content. It offers a lot of options and many features.

Multi roles and rermission

FoodTiger provides role based access control (RBAC) with which you can grant access permissions based on the roles of individual users.

Payment gateways

At this moment FoodTiger comes with two methods to make payments: Pay on delivery, Pay via Stripe.

Multilingual support

By default it comes with several languages. In few easy steps you can add custom languages to the script.

Real time GPS based delivery charges system

We provide real-time visibility as orders flow from purchase through fulfillment. Get a quick view into orders in process by order value, status, or customer.

Social media authentication

FoodTiger provides easy way to register via Facebook, Google logins.

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Customer Mobile App

Coming Soon.

Driver Companion App

The driver app is designed efficiently to help the delivery boys track the food pickup and delivery locations, along with GPS tracking and route optimization, helping the drivers to locate customers with ease. The application is simple such that drivers can use it with ease.

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Pick the best option for you


Support and satisfied clients is priority


Everything that you need to know you will find here. Follow our documentation for more information.

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We have support team for 24/7 operation. They provide help and ongoing assistance at any time.

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Public Roadmap

On this page, you can find all of our current work, and a list of publicly submitted ideas and bug reports.

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  • Code Quality

    The script and in development very fast!! It`s awesome! The improvements are great, the team and great, very responsive! Help and explanation at the top!! Really great team, it`s the start of a great collaboration :)

  • Customer Support

    The customer service is spectacular, I have been buying and as a client of the envato market since April 2011 and I have rarely awarded the 5 stars, I value the impeccable technical support work and the quick response. I hope to see how the app that is wonderful is progressing and improving day by day, thanks guys.


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